Online Coaching

Will be advising on nutrition and training, a customized meal plan and training regimens will be created for each client. Weekly check-ins is included to discuss progress or setbacks, and adjustments will be made if necessary. Check-ins are typically through email, but phone and FaceTime is available also.

-Online Coaching-


Creating a customized meal plan that targets each person’s individual goals and plans, this includes which types of food to eat, how to shop for food, and cooking advice.


Customized Workout Plan

Customized weight training and cardiovascular regimens targeting each person’s individual needs and goals. I also advise on specific workouts according to client’s injuries or previous fitness setbacks.

-Customized Workout Plan-

Personal Training (Body Core Fitness)

If you are in the area or visiting, you are welcome to train with me at my fitness studio located in Royal Oak, Michigan. One on one and small group private trainings are available. Training methods include: boxing, weightlifting, circuit training, and conditioning. Part of my philosophy is mental training, besides the physical workout we will be performing, there will be a lot of teaching and talking about overall problems and obstacles that can be broken in order to reach the goals desired.

-Personal Training-