Frequently Asked Questions

Paul has been a positive influence from an overall perspective. He has opened my eyes to different viewpoints that I may not have considered previously. He leads his life in a very admirable way and you can’t help but want to emulate that type of lifestyle.

Paul is the best at what he does.  He is helping to change your lifestyle not just your fitness.  While training with Paul, my stamina and strength greatly improved.  The different style workouts (boxing, cardio, stations) give you a full body workout as opposed to just weightlifting.

Paul’s positivity is infectious, you can’t help but be more positive in his presence.  I have never seen him have a bad day in front of myself or any other clients.  I look forward to working out when I have my sessions, he pushes you hard and past what you think you may be capable of, when it’s done there is a great sense of accomplishment and you can’t help but be happy and excited about what you are doing.

First, we worked together to set goals that are attainable, when they are met; we set new goals and continue to move forward.  He knows and understands his clients different levels of athleticism, body type and bad habits.  He takes this into account when we prepares the workouts.  He is also aware of what we did during our previous workout and we continue to build on those workouts and improve.  When a wall is met; we shift gears and mix things up.  I am very happy where I am at, based on his training.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try the meal plan; we have spoken on this many times and it is the next step in truly changing my lifestyle to become more physically fit.  The emphasis is on clean meals and clean living, which is essential to being healthy as we age.  I don’t see any down side to using Paul’s meal plan, I think it is a necessary step in the process.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of the meals at this point; Paul has done a great job utilizing social media to get his meal plan out there for people to see.  In fact, seeing the meals prepared has made me want to sign up, instead of ordering another pizza!!

It is clear from the moment that you meet Paul, that he truly lives what he preaches on a daily basis.  He has incredible knowledge in many different areas from self-defense, boxing, cardio, weight-lifting, MMA, stations.  He is very personable and able to relate to you immediately.  You get a sense that he cares and will be invested in your training, as much; if not more than yourself.  You should go to Paul if you are interested in changing your lifestyle, your body and your mind.  It is a very positive experience and you just can’t get that in a gym on your own.